The real life Hulk is On

You must have seen hulk in your green comic books or else in the movie. But have you ever wondered that there actually exists a man who resembles the reel-life Hulk. In these pictures you will see Sajad Gharibi who just looks like Hulk. Though in the pictures you will find his expressions to be that of an angry man, according to reports he is one of the sweetest person in this world.

There is no doubt that he is a body builder and he has gained that physic through tremendous work out. But the only thing to wonder about him is that how he has got such a hulk like physic which no guys has ever achieved.

  1. Introducing Sajad Gharibi

In this picture you can see Sajad Gharibi and at the same time there is a picture of Hulk. The biceps and muscles that he has gained make him look like Hulk. No wonder why he is called the Iranian Hulk over the internet. It’s still a wonder how he has made such a body.


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