Christine Jia Xin Lee, living a dream with $4.6 million

5.How did she get caught?

Christine was caught by the airport authority as she tried to board a flight to Malaysia. She had an emergency issue passport and was charged for her participation and action in dishonestly obtaining any sort of financial advantage through deception. It has already been mentioned that she had appealed that she is not guilty and was under the impression that her parents who are presumably wealthy were sending her enough money to live this lavish life. The authorities are expecting that the $3.3 million is probably ever to be recovered because they have either been spent or she has transferred them to a bank functioning overseas. A lot of back and forth, between Christine’s lawyer and the Magistrate had taken place in the court. But none were on the 21-year old’s side. She had although received a bail, after paying $1000, but she is living her life in detention in Villawood detention center.

Lee is now in police’s custody, for obvious reasons, and will possibly be deported to Malaysia. She is under a rigorous inspection and her visa is being reviewed. Her crime is such that it cannot be overlooked or cannot be taken for granted. This was a very calculated measure that would cause trouble to the bank had it not been taken into consideration. The bank would have incurred a loss, and since it was sent to her four years prior to her imprisonment, there is a fair chance that this money is likely to be ever found. It is obvious that enough has been spent over the time.


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