Christine Jia Xin Lee, living a dream with $4.6 million

3.Living life queen-size!

Christine, in her moment of confessing to her crimes, had claimed that she was completely unaware of any such mistakes. She was under the notion that her wealthy parents were sending her enough money to live a luxurious life. The parent was claimed to have been from Malaysia, who were supposedly flying off to Sydney to get her out of her condition. Her mother is reported to hand over the bank with a proper cheque that will pay off her debt.

Until then, she had been taken by the immigration officials and is kept under detention. She had received a bail for her actions of transferring and wrongly spending the money she had received. But the immigration officials did not let her go. They kept their mom while describing her situation. They had stated that it is unfair to reveal anything regarding any person’s visa status to the press.


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