Christine Jia Xin Lee, living a dream with $4.6 million

2.What she did with$1.3 million?

  It is being alleged that about $1.3 million was kept hidden by her. With that amount of money kept aside, she had plenty to spend. Christine managed to buy new clothing and expensive, designer handbags. All of these were paid through the money she had acquired because of the bank’s callous move. It is said that she had led a vicarious and expensive life, and had left no stone unturned.

Who wouldn’t? With this much money in one’s bank, everybody and anybody is bound to go crazy with their expenditure. There are several theories which are doing the rounds, of which, it is being speculated that she had hidden the money. The other theories include, that she has either sent the money overseas or that she had spent them for her lavish lifestyle.


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