10 Actresses seen In Similar Outfits

A celebrity is what a celebrity does’, is the common saying associated with the glam queens of Hollywood and Bollywood. Their outfits in various events are always talks of the town. However, some Bollywood divas have been observed to have mimicked the dressing style and sometimes even the attire of each other as well as that of the Hollywood actresses as well. They just refine the dress-up with their own style and create a unique style statement altogether. Here are a list of Bollywood actresses and the Hollywood actresses whom they have copied while dressing.

  1. Sonam Kapoor and Kelly Brooks: Sonam Kapoor, while attending the Milan Fashion Week was found to be dressed in a floral and onion print dress that was more or less same as the outfit of Hollywood actress Kelly Brooks. However, there were slight differences such as Sonam Kapoor had flaunted a hair up-do accompanied by a red handbag whereas, on the other hand, Hollywood actress Kelly Brooks had decided to keep it even simpler by letting down loose curls along with a lovely smile on the face. Both looked extremely pretty in their own way even though the dress was similar.


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