There are very few things out of this world

29. Unlock devices with a pill

Motorola has invented an authentication pill which will unlock all the devices when the pill is digested. Thus, people who have chronic diseases of being forgetful about their password, now, can take the back seat and rest for a while, because this pill will take care of the jammed devices.
These were the list of things which might just sound ridiculous, but are extremely interesting to ignore. Feeling enlightened? Want to know more? These bulletins might sound impossible to believe, but they are true in every form of their being. For instance, who would have ever imagined that bacteria can cause the death of presidents? Or even find more reasons to steer clear of a vulture. Although, a vulture can never spit the stomach acid out, but the idea of it is disgusting and can quite as well induce some form of paranoia.


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