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1. In 1830, the average American was consuming 1.7 bottles of hard liquor per week. 2. During his presidency, John Quincy Adams enjoyed skinny-dipping in the Potomac River in the early mornings 3. The US tried to purchase Greenland for $100 million in 1946. 4. FDR had to borrow Al Capone’s limousine in order to deliver a speech during WW2, because it was the only known bulletproof car at the time. 5. Diarrhea was the leading cause of death among soldiers in the American Civil War. And soldiers had a code of honor against shooting at someone who was pooping.



Top insanely funniest moments caught on camera. Includes moments from various cricket matches.

Gaurav Says – What a funny video best video but Wo Jo aakhiri waala tha na Wo best h jisme umpire red card show krta h it’s just wow

K Tripathi Says –

Very funny, when the pant slipped off. I also made a 10 epic pant slip off compilation…. lol!

51 Photos to Amaze you NoW

Adjusting to manage things is equal to ‘jugaad’ for any Indian. Living a life on jugaad is what many people cater to. However, in a life that is strangulated with the variant difficult concepts, the concept of jugaad is something that can be humorous. There is a section of people who believe in the attitude of let go. Probably according to them, they are making complete use of something they have bought. The model of using one particular thing in different use is something that is flooding you tube in the present time. The creations are not something new. Indians have probably exceled this skill even before you tube was into existence. Well, here are some instances that can prove the expertise.

  1. Home mechanics:On an occasion, when you fail to bring the computer mechanic at home. Or rather you are absolutely lacking short in time to get your laptop repaired, this is the conclusion. The first thing that you do is to note what the problem is. On administering it when you know that just an additional keyboard is all that you need, why to spend in buying a new one or even repairing it. Well, now lets us come to the procedure. Connect an external keyboard to the laptop. However, make sure that you look forward to keep the motherboard cool. Awh! Now an AC might creep into your head. No nothing to worry. Indian stand fans have high speed to solve your purpose. However, there is a condition, you need to place the fan focused on the mother board from as near aspossible. This is why we call, India executes before the world starts to think.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

A photograph does not necessarily say a thousand words, it makes one feel. No matter what the photograph might contain or what it tries to establish, it does make one feel. Emotions are probably the most unique of the features that the living is being blessed with. And when pictures capture these emotional moments of a being, there is nothing more beautiful than that. Here are some of the pictures that are bound to make one feel emotional.

  1. The dessert rose:

If only war was something that could create peace, as it is known to have led to, then people would have had ended all enmity by this time. The world has gone through a series of gruesome ordeals and people have died as a consequence. The soldiers have led their lives in hostility and of course with their constant companion of their bullet filled guns. Now, have they grown stone cold? Have they lost every human emotion? Well, no. this image is a living proof, that even a beautiful flower can enthrall and capture the emotions of two soldiers, while they are in their duties. And the lady? Her smile is enough to prove the innocence that might exist in, even the hostile most area.


It’s fun to compare the 20 pictures of people after they drank 3 glasses of wine!

Have you ever wondered how you look after you are totally drunk? If not, then you can imagine it now.

Marcos Alberti had decided to take a series of pictures of his friends while they simultaneously took to drinking three glasses of wine. And the result was hilarious, trust me!

The series that he has made is of 20 people and he has shown their different state of mind after each glass they drank. Each person has got 4 pictures from the normal being to getting drunk after the third drink. Now, let’s check them out:

  1. In this first picture collage of this lady you can see clearly how she reacts after she gets drunk with every glass of wine. Who could have imagined that this calm minded lady can also be so crazy after boozing! The last picture of the collage shows that how the third glass of wine slowly takes her out of the calm and shy shell.

The calm and composed lady: