51 Photos to Amaze you NoW

Adjusting to manage things is equal to ‘jugaad’ for any Indian. Living a life on jugaad is what many people cater to. However, in a life that is strangulated with the variant difficult concepts, the concept of jugaad is something that can be humorous. There is a section of people who believe in the attitude of let go. Probably according to them, they are making complete use of something they have bought. The model of using one particular thing in different use is something that is flooding you tube in the present time. The creations are not something new. Indians have probably exceled this skill even before you tube was into existence. Well, here are some instances that can prove the expertise.

  1. Home mechanics:On an occasion, when you fail to bring the computer mechanic at home. Or rather you are absolutely lacking short in time to get your laptop repaired, this is the conclusion. The first thing that you do is to note what the problem is. On administering it when you know that just an additional keyboard is all that you need, why to spend in buying a new one or even repairing it. Well, now lets us come to the procedure. Connect an external keyboard to the laptop. However, make sure that you look forward to keep the motherboard cool. Awh! Now an AC might creep into your head. No nothing to worry. Indian stand fans have high speed to solve your purpose. However, there is a condition, you need to place the fan focused on the mother board from as near aspossible. This is why we call, India executes before the world starts to think.


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