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1. In 1830, the average American was consuming 1.7 bottles of hard liquor per week. 2. During his presidency, John Quincy Adams enjoyed skinny-dipping in the Potomac River in the early mornings 3. The US tried to purchase Greenland for $100 million in 1946. 4. FDR had to borrow Al Capone’s limousine in order to deliver a speech during WW2, because it was the only known bulletproof car at the time. 5. Diarrhea was the leading cause of death among soldiers in the American Civil War. And soldiers had a code of honor against shooting at someone who was pooping.

Beautiful Girl Dance Performances on Bollywood songs 2017

Natural” performers, however, seem to know something that others do not. Here’s a list of some of these secrets. Actually, I’m not sure there is truly anything “secret” about these (I really couldn’t resist the alliteration), but perhaps these are tips and aspects of your dancing you haven’t put much thought into before. As you work toward your final performance be sure to put these skills into practice with as much (or more) diligence as learning your steps.

Super performers…

Never dance alone, even in a solo

Include the audience in your performance. Do not forget or ignore that they’re there.




Top insanely funniest moments caught on camera. Includes moments from various cricket matches.

Gaurav Says – What a funny video best video but Wo Jo aakhiri waala tha na Wo best h jisme umpire red card show krta h it’s just wow

K Tripathi Says –

Very funny, when the pant slipped off. I also made a 10 epic pant slip off compilation…. lol!

51 Photos to Amaze you NoW

Adjusting to manage things is equal to ‘jugaad’ for any Indian. Living a life on jugaad is what many people cater to. However, in a life that is strangulated with the variant difficult concepts, the concept of jugaad is something that can be humorous. There is a section of people who believe in the attitude of let go. Probably according to them, they are making complete use of something they have bought. The model of using one particular thing in different use is something that is flooding you tube in the present time. The creations are not something new. Indians have probably exceled this skill even before you tube was into existence. Well, here are some instances that can prove the expertise.

  1. Home mechanics:On an occasion, when you fail to bring the computer mechanic at home. Or rather you are absolutely lacking short in time to get your laptop repaired, this is the conclusion. The first thing that you do is to note what the problem is. On administering it when you know that just an additional keyboard is all that you need, why to spend in buying a new one or even repairing it. Well, now lets us come to the procedure. Connect an external keyboard to the laptop. However, make sure that you look forward to keep the motherboard cool. Awh! Now an AC might creep into your head. No nothing to worry. Indian stand fans have high speed to solve your purpose. However, there is a condition, you need to place the fan focused on the mother board from as near aspossible. This is why we call, India executes before the world starts to think.

10 Actresses seen In Similar Outfits

A celebrity is what a celebrity does’, is the common saying associated with the glam queens of Hollywood and Bollywood. Their outfits in various events are always talks of the town. However, some Bollywood divas have been observed to have mimicked the dressing style and sometimes even the attire of each other as well as that of the Hollywood actresses as well. They just refine the dress-up with their own style and create a unique style statement altogether. Here are a list of Bollywood actresses and the Hollywood actresses whom they have copied while dressing.

  1. Sonam Kapoor and Kelly Brooks: Sonam Kapoor, while attending the Milan Fashion Week was found to be dressed in a floral and onion print dress that was more or less same as the outfit of Hollywood actress Kelly Brooks. However, there were slight differences such as Sonam Kapoor had flaunted a hair up-do accompanied by a red handbag whereas, on the other hand, Hollywood actress Kelly Brooks had decided to keep it even simpler by letting down loose curls along with a lovely smile on the face. Both looked extremely pretty in their own way even though the dress was similar.


25 times parents amazed babies

The arrival of a newborn in home invites happiness and merriment but at the same time, this is accompanied by multiplied responsibilities that ought to be handled by the parents. However, with the advancement of technology, gradually taking care of a baby is becoming easier. Here are some innovative tools that can help a lot in growing a baby.

1.Stay close to your little one even while asleep: It is very important to stay close to the baby throughout the day especially in the initial days of parenting because the baby needs complete care in order to gain strength for survival. Hence, it would be indeed useful if a small baby’s bed is attached with the parents’ beds in such a manner that there are no chances of the baby falling down. It’s more like the normal baby’s swinging cot stationed inside the parents’ bed so that they stay safe and sound while the parents can also sleep for some time in between the parenting tasks and with peace.


Three Black Babies and a Miraculous Family

The world has been segregated and separated and divided in so many ways and in so many levels, that it seems irreparable. People are claiming inequality based on their skin color, based on their gender and even the very ideas, which were meant to be the binding things, which made people different and appealing. While some are fighting for their rights around the world, some are interested in getting their ways out from people, for their own benefits.

Even amidst this, there is a couple- Aaron Halbert and Rachel, who did something out of the goodness of their heart, not to make a statement or to appear in front of the television camera, and preach about their ideologies, but to simply stand by what they follow.Aaron and Rachel started dating one another and had been doing so for about 12 years now and they had somewhat of a different upbringing.


There are very few things out of this world

There are very few things in the world, which can truly shock every single individual at the same capacity. And the following list will be among one of them. It is quite hard to come across something which is both horrific and extremely interesting at the same time. Who knew, that it was a president who had cited slang in his writings and who ever knew that condom is not just for protection, but is used as a mean for promotion? These are some truly whacky information and trivia which will never cease to put the awe in people’s faces.
1. Slang or dignity?
Austin Powers, take a step back because it was Thomas Jefferson who had managed to first use the slang word- shag. The third president of the United States was credited for being the very first person who had cited the word shag, for the very first time. Now, it is obvious that the words of the president are not taken too lightly and hence, they were noted at all times. At a certain slander preceding, Jefferson had used the term shag, and this is probably how it came to being.

Slang or dignity`

Optical Illusion Can Do Wonders

The optical illusion is such a thing which might be too dubious to handle. It can give someone the creeps as to what is happening and at the same time, it’s probably the most interesting thing to witness. There are quite a few illusions which a person might come across, during their life span. These illusions can be the mistaken image produced by the eyes, or some natural phenomenon, which is equally mind boggling. We are all too aware of the concept of the oasis. The naturally existing illusions might just be majestic and enthralling all at once. To witness something which might require a second look is always intriguing.

The thing is, optical illusions or illusions of any matter can be created through a certain level of expertise of a particular person. Especially a photographer can capture something which might not be explicable at the first glance. There are quite a few of such pictures available in the market and on the web as well. Here are some of the extremely tricky and interesting photographs which might make one give a second, thorough, glance.

  1. A trick of the mind?

The image appears to have a lane and stacked on one side of it are some logs of the trees. But what is truly tricky, is what lie beneath the lane? There are further stacks of logs just plainly lying beneath the concrete sheet of the lane. But is it so? Actually, these logs are piled on two sides of the same lane, and the photographer is probably on the opposite side of the lane. Now, with the stacks being uneven in order and size,

it appears as though the stacked logs remain buried under a sheet of concrete.